MATT JORDAN – Making a Difference in our Community…

PRESENTATION will take place on NOV. 2, 2023 at 7:00 p.m at the Clinch Valley Times Office on Russell St. in St. Paul, VA – EVERYONE is welcome…

Most of you known Matt Jordan, either from his efforts on behalf of the Clinch River Youth Football & Cheer program; as a member of the St. Paul Town Council; or perhaps he’s your insurance agent. With all these things to do in addition to being a husband and father, it’s no exaggeration to say Matt is a very busy man.

Matt’s dedication to the young people of our community is what captured our attention. The Clinch River Youth Football & Cheer program helps build the character of our citizens of tomorrow by teaching them the importance sportsmanship – how to work together toward a common goal; how to be humble in victory, accept defeat with dignity, and remain friends with your opponents. Most of all, the program reinforces the knowledge that these young people live in a supportive community. Years from now, they’ll be able to look back and truthfully say, “I grew up in a wonderful place.”

Previous recipients of the Clinch Valley Times Community Volunteer of the Year Award include: Frank Dean of the St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department; members of the Johnson Memorial Food Pantry in St. Paul; Rev. Kevin and Samantha Richardson; and members of the Neighbors’ Aid Food Pantry in St. Paul. Their actions embody the Appalachian spirit and (like Matt) they are helping people RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.


3 thoughts on “MATT JORDAN – Making a Difference in our Community…

  1. Thank you Matt for all you are doing for the youth in our community! You are certainly making a difference in their lives now and forever. You and all your volunteers are to be commended. Thanks again!

    1. Congratulations, Matt! Well deserved! The importance of what you do every day to enrich the lives of our young athletes, and help to grow them into responsible citizens, cannot be overstated. We see you and appreciate you so much. Thanks also for your service on the Town Council, and in all other areas within our community. Proud to know you!

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