God Says, “Trust Me, I Know the Way” — A message of hope from Pastor Pam Sutherland

If you are someone who has ever had to get out early on a cool autumn morning in the mountains, you know how limited visibility is due to the fog that hangs low in the valleys. In some places the way is clear, and you can see what’s up ahead of you. In other places you just hope and pray you don’t run off the road or hit something or someone! When we can’t see the way in front of us it can be pretty frightening.

Life is like that. One minute you can see the path ahead of you with clarity. You can plot your course and move forward with ease and confidence. The next minute you can barely see to put one foot in front of another and the path ahead is no longer an easy or comfortable journey. You may feel as if you are dodging obstacles at every turn.

As I drove through that early morning fog this past week, I was reminded of a Scripture that says:

We don’t always see things clearly in this life. We all see, perceive, and experience things through a lens that is often foggy and unclear. We cannot see the end from the beginning. We don’t know what obstacles lie ahead. We don’t know the plan, the purpose, or even the path we are to take, but God knows.

That is why God says, “Trust Me.” If we follow His leading and His way through this world, we will make it safely to the end of life’s journey. There may be dangers, obstacles, and even pain along the way, but He will see us through to that place where tears, sorrows, pain, and even death will cease. 

Our family has been navigating through many struggles and obstacles lately, and the road ahead seems so unclear. We are holding on to our faith in God who says, “Trust Me, I know the way. You’re going to be okay.” I realize that even though the road ahead is foggy, everything I see and know is only part of the big picture. But one day, when Jesus comes, we will see and understand it all clearly. 

If you are struggling with finding your way through the fog and obstacles life throws at you, I hope you are holding onto your faith in the One who can see you through.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Pam

NOTE: Pastor Pam Sutherland’s charges include Fort Gibson United Methodist Church in Castlewood, VA and St. Paul United Methodist Church in St. Paul, VA.

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