St. Paul Teen Captures International Title

JENNI BOARDWINE , 18, of Saint Paul, Virginia captured the title of Ultimate International Teen at the Ultimate International Miss Pageant in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the Sandler Center for the Arts on September 3rd.

This is an outstanding accomplishment for a small-town, Southwest Virginia teen.  The pageant was open to young women all over the U. S., as well as internationally. She was scored by five judges, based on three phases of competition; interview, ultimate fashion, and evening gown performance. 

Jenni first began her pageant career at age 12, also establishing her own platform, “Popping Hunger” at that time. She uses her platform to collect and distribute non-perishable food items to homeless shelters, schools, and blessing boxes throughout our region. With her international title, she hopes to take her platform to the next level and partner with other agencies to help put an end to hunger.

Jenni also shares her positive message to other young people, “I am truly honored to win this title. It shows that with persistence, determination, and hard work, we can achieve our dreams!” states Boardwine.  If you would like to learn more about how you can donate to her platform, or to request an appearance, you can follow her on Instagram at PoppingHunger or JenniBoardwine.

Jenni is a senior at Eastside High School in Coeburn, Virginia. She is the daughter of Tim Boardwine and Carol Boardwine of Saint Paul.

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