Meet Chad Monday, St. Paul’s New Town Manager

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Recently, I met with Chad Monday, Town Manager of St. Paul (effective April 3, 2023) at the St. Paul Virginia Railroad Museum. During our conversation, Chad shared some impressions of his new hometown, as well as what he plans to accomplish during his employment here. I found Chad to be personable as well as very intelligent and goal-oriented. He’s a man with a purpose and as St. Paul’s Town Manager I believe he will do an outstanding job – as did his predecessor, Debbie Baca.

For those who (like me) were wondering, Chad is NOT related to the late Rev. Alonzo Monday, a long-term Baptist minister in our community. Chad is a native Martinsville, Virginia and has also lived in other localities within the Commonwealth.

Chad’s educational background is impressive. He holds a Master of Public Administration degree, and this fall he will receive a Master of Arts in Public Policy – both from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. In addition to his advanced degrees, Chad also holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Liberty University. During his high school years at Amherst High School, he completed an Associate of Arts & Science through a dual-enrollment program.

Previous work experience includes jobs in which Chad interfaced with the public, thus honing his “people skills.” In 2021 and 2022, he served as the Chief of Staff/Legislative Aide to Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. who represents Virginia’s 20th. Senatorial District.

Do you see the unifying theme running through Chad’s background? He knew what he wanted early on and set out on a road toward getting it. Now, he’s here taking the next step by obtaining practical management and financial experience through the day-to-day operation of a small town.

In his role as St. Paul’s Town Manager, Chad is responsible for seeing that the St. Paul Town Council’s directives are realized in the town’s day-to-day operations. He manages the fiscal operations and four-level financial oversight of the town’s Streets, Police, Administrative, and Water/Sewer departments. Functionally, the town’s employes report to Chad. Administratively, the town’s employees are answerable to the council.

Chad’s stated goal is “To make St. Paul the best place to live, work, play, and raise a family,” and to “…provide the highest level of services for all town residents.” To achieve these goals, he will:

Work to continue the town’s economic development by interfacing with the St. Paul IDA to attract new businesses.

Work with the St. Paul Town Council as well as community stakeholders

Be responsive to the needs of all community members

Be mindful of the town’s biodiversity and history in its day-to-day operation

Chad makes his home in the downtown residential area of St. Paul, along with 2 dogs, 2 ferrets, and 1 cat. His favorite sports and pastimes include NASCAR, football, basketball, camping, hiking, and fishing. As you can see, he definitely lives in a place that is aligned with his interests.

Currently, Chad is learning what makes the town’s departments tick. When I interviewed him, he passed muster with me – by answering all my oblique questions directly and answering all my direct questions obliquely. Take a good look at the photo of Chad I’m including in the article and if you see him out and about, speak to him and welcome him. We’re Appalachians – that’s what we do.


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