Pastor’s Corner — November 25, 2022

Today’s message is from Pastor Pam Sutherland of the St. Paul United Methodist Church & Fort Gibson United Methodist Church.

The season of anticipation and expectant waiting is upon us! Advent begins on Sunday, November 27th. It is a time when we prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of our Savior in His first Advent and look expectantly for His coming again in glory in His second Advent. Are you ready? I don’t mean “do you have your shopping done? or “are your decorations up?” Are you ready to focus on the true reason for the season, and open yourself up to what God wants to speak into your life in the next few weeks?

In our Hanging of the Greens Service on Sunday, we will hear these words:

“There is a danger in coming together year after year to celebrate the birth of a child that occurred some 2,000 years ago. It is an event we observe. And as observers, we place ourselves outside of it, looking on, celebrating the birth of a baby long ago rather than the rebirth of our lives today. It is God within each of us that makes this Advent season a time of renewed hope and a celebration of new life. Let us rejoice together in the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, those many centuries go. But let us also bring His birth into the context of our lives today, at this very moment. Advent is the going toward greater love among people. Advent is the going toward greater peace and harmony among people. Advent is the going toward, as the carol says, ‘the dawn of God’s redeeming grace.’ This is an Advent for each of us. We stand at the threshold of decision. We can be faithful observers of a birthday that occurred nearly 2,000 years ago…or we can be loving servants to the Christ who walks among us today.

Which one will you be?

May you have a joyous Advent season!

Pastor Pam

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