Miss Elizabeth Greear

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Though Miss Elizabeth Greear departed this life in 1991, she remains a well-remembered St. Paul personality. Miss Greear taught second grade at the St. Paul School, providing the fundamentals of education for generations of local youngsters.

Miss Greear was a very proper lady who modeled good manners and deportment. She was also the only person I knew who addressed my mother by her given name (Frances) instead of her nickname (Tom).
When my cousin Kathy Trent worked for the Clinch Valley Times, Miss Greear told her that when her obituary was printed, the CVT was NOT to include her age. Years later, I shared this anecdote with Miss Greear’s cousin, Frankie Harmon. Frankie (a very forthright person) responded, “Well, I don’t know why she wouldn’t want anyone to know her age – for she could neither add to it nor subtract from it.”

Miss Greear was one of many remarkable people who helped make St. Paul a special place. We’ll be sharing memories of other long-term local residents in future articles. Meanwhile, if you’d like to share a memory of Miss Greear with our readers, please do so.

Pictured below, three of the nine Greear children: Elizabeth (in the baby carriage), Frances, and Burt, ca. 1908.

Pictured below, Mss Greear’s obituary from the Clinch Valley Times.

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