A Crushing Experience

© Jerry F. Couch

We recently brought you photos of some of the most beautiful cars in our area, courtesy of the Crooked Road Cruisers.  The club members’ cars are fortunate “survivors,” now living a pampered old age.  But what about their less-fortunate brethren?  The once-proud  beauties in these March 1973 photos ended their days in a junkyard – with the car crusher lying in wait.

In the 1970’s, junked cars had become a problem all over the US.  They were piling up everywhere.  Recycling was the solution.  Old automobiles were stripped of their tires and others parts, then squashed as flat as possible.  They were loaded onto trailers and trucked away to be salvaged as scrap metal.

The fate of these cars was similar to that of the humans in whose image they had been created.  From the most expensive Cadillac to the least expensive Ford Falcon, the crusher was the great equalizer.

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