Vintage Automobilia courtesty of The Crooked Road Cruisers

© Jerry F. Couch

The Crooked Road Cruisers gathered in St. Paul on August 16th for a cruise in.  For the occasion, their prize-winning beauties’ paintwork and chrome trim were so highly polished the cars probably glowed in the dark. 

Of special interest was a 1955 Mercedes 200 Series, referred to as the “Ponton” due to the rounded contours of its body.  Underneath its sleek skin, design improvements made the Ponton one of the safest cars of its day.  Power for this particular car is furnished by an overhead cam 6-cylinder engine.  Gear-shifting is accomplished via a four-speed column-mounted lever.  With its glistening black paint, red leather upholstery, and interior trim of polished walnut, the car represents the best in understated 1950’s Tuetonic luxury motoring.  

Mickey Bond, the Mercedes’ proud owner, told us the car drives and rides like a dream. 

Take a look at the pride & joy of the Crooked Road Cruisers shown below – and remember the bygone days of automotive individuality.




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