Coffee Gets Me Started – Jesus Keeps Me Going — by Pastor Pam Sutherland

I am not a morning person. It takes at least two cups of coffee before I am ready to have a conversation with anyone. My husband knows this all too well. There is a saying that goes “All I need is a little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.” It is posted on my refrigerator and when I read it I always think, ” no, I need a whole lot of coffee too!”

As part of my morning routine, I read a couple of devotions to try to get my day off to a good start and I usually watch a video devotion my friend and colleague Pastor Terri Gregory posts early each morning, Monday through Friday. They are short and to the point but full of meaning. I admire the fact that she can get up so early, dressed and ready for the day, with coherent thoughts, while I am still sipping coffee and wishing I could sleep longer.

This morning she talked about passwords and the frustration of having to have so many, a different one for every bank account, online bill payment, medical records apps, etc. and you have to change them every so often to fool the hackers! It’s almost as annoying as trying to have a conversation before my second cup of coffee.

But, she went on to say, there is is only one password needed to access God. JESUS. Everyone has access to God in the name of Jesus. His voice is always welcome in the morning, even before the coffee kicks in.

I hope you will use that password – Jesus – often. Have a blessed weekend.

Grace and peace, 

Pastor Pam

NOTE: Pastor Pam Sutherland’s charges include Fort Gibson United Methodist Church, Castlewood, VA and St. Paul United Methodist Church, St. Paul, VA.


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