Health Wagon Receives NANOE’s Best Practice Charity Award

Wise, VirginiaMay 24, 2023

Since its founding, The Health Wagon’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care to the medically underserved people in the mountains of Appalachia. As a nurse-managed organization, we have been an innovative leader in the provision of quality health care services that are compassionate, comprehensive, and accessible. Our mandate is to promote a healthy community through education, empowerment, collaboration, and outreach.

Last week, The Health Wagon was awarded NANOE’s Best Practice Charity Award for the year 2023. NANOE’s prestigious commendation was bestowed upon The Health Wagon because of the stewardship in financial excellence, outstanding organizational development, leadership excellence, and programmatic activities – with over 42 programs continually improving the health of rural Appalachia. The Health Wagon promotes the mission of providing quality, affordable, accessible care to all with an emphasis on the medically underserved.

During last week’s gathering of nonprofit executives in Las Vegas NANOE Co-Founder Jimmy LaRose shared, “For nearly three decades Dr. Tyson, Dr. Collins & Board Member Sheilah Collins have distinguished themselves as sector leaders. They’ve grown Health Wagon’s financial capacity by applying free-market enterprise principles that ensures future sustainability. Watch this team of veterans if you want to learn how to do charity right!”

Pictured: Dr. Teresa Tyson, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC, FAANP, Dr. Paula Hill-Collins, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC, FAANP, Sheilah Collins, and Dr. Jimmy Larose

NANOE is a nationwide network of nonprofits whose relentless commitment to significant and sustainable impact transforms the communities they serve. Likde Health Wagon, NANOE members are innovators who solve problems (not just service them) by deploying heroic missions of scale that confront social and environmental dilemmas so completely that money chases after their every need. NANOE’s membership includes over 3,700 impact organizations who believe that “innovation never fears a challenge” and that the greatest contribution nonprofit practitioners can make to charity is to become the creative, thinking enterprise-leaders our sector so desperately needs.

Dr. Tyson shared, “We’re proud to receive the 2023 Best Practice Charity Award and are grateful for the countless way NANOE supports nonprofit leaders who grow their charitable mission.”

For more information regarding The Health Wagon’s award, please visit the NANOE website.

The Health Wagon is a nurse practitioner managed clinic that has been in existence since 1980 which provides free medical, dental and vision health care services in Lee, Scott, Wise, Dickenson, Buchanan and Russell Counties and Norton City. For more information about The Health Wagon, please call 276-328-8850 or visit If you would like to donate to the Health Wagon, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please visit:

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