Humble Ourselves, Pray, Seek God’s Face – by Pastor Pam Sutherland

In the late 1960’s a move of the Holy Spirit took place that reached across the United States. It began in southern California and has been referred to as the Jesus Movement or the Jesus Revolution. Thousands of former hippies and young adults gave their lives to Christ and began spreading the Word. This Jesus Revolution came to my High School in the fall of 1971. A Jesus Rally was held at after school and many students, including me, became “Jesus Freaks” as we were known by the rest of the student body. Jesus rallies were being held every weekend at local parks and other venues. It was unlike the church services my family sometimes attended. It felt Revolutionary. This move of God changed me and changed my life.

Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa led the way for the Jesus Revolution. Hundreds of other Calvary Chapel churches have sprung up across the country, many pastored by those young people who were transformed by the Jesus Revolution. That move of God that started back in the ’60’s continued to grow and spread and reach hundreds of thousands of people with the Good News of Jesus and sound Biblical teaching. I was blessed to be able to attend Calvary Chapel of Alexandria for nine years before we moved to SWVA. My walk with the Lord has been profoundly impacted by Pastors Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, and other pastors who got their start in the Jesus Revolution and went on to Pastor Calvary Chapel affiliated churches.

A movie about the Jesus Revolution, thought by many to be “the greatest spiritual awakening in American history,” is coming out next week and will be playing at theaters in Abingdon, Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City. I hope you will go see it. Maybe it will spark a fire in you for the next spiritual awakening which, by the way, may be happening right now!

By now I’m sure everyone has heard or read about what is taking place at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY. A prayer service that began on Weds. February 8, 2023 in the University Chapel has been going on around the clock ever since. What are they doing there? Praying. Singing praise to God. Repenting of sin. Giving their lives to Jesus. Several have reported that the carpet by the altar is wet from the tear of those who have prayed there.

Thousands have joined them over the past week. So many in fact, that they had to open 2 additional chapels and a local church to accommodate the bus loads of students from other universities as well as those who are driving in from all over the country. Several people have said that you can feel the presence of God outside the building as people line up to get inside.

This is not a manufactured event. No one planned it. No preacher or leader is in charge. There is no hype, just honest, heart-felt, continuous worship in the presence of Almighty God. Just this morning I read that other colleges and universities are experiencing this same kind of spiritual awakening. God is on the move among our young adults again!

Many of us in the Church have been praying for revival for years. We want a move of God that will transform lives, churches, our communities, and our country. Could this be the start of it? I pray that it is. But it will only come to us if we – the Church – humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from OUR wicked ways. (2nd Chronicles 7:14). Are we ready to do that? Are we ready to join God in what He is doing right now? I know I am and my prayer is that our churches (all the churches in our communities) will pray fervently for this move of God to come to us and revive us again!

Come, Lord Jesus! Revive us again!

Pastor Pam

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