The 2022 Dante Christmas Parade – In Photos

AFTER SEVERAL DAYS OF RAIN the skies cleared briefly, and the temperature remained unseasonably warm for the 2022 Dante Christmas Parade held on Saturday, Dec. 10th. It seems likely, however, that today’s turnout was influenced by the widespread illness that is currently challenging area residents. BUT — for those who were able to attend, “A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!”

*Photos by David Gregory


2 thoughts on “The 2022 Dante Christmas Parade – In Photos

  1. I feel deprived! We didn’t have parades when I was living there!!! I love it 😻! Take care Dante friends! My heart will always be in the hollow! Have great Christmas!

  2. I was born in Dante in 1930 – Dad (Lacy Griffith) worked in the mines there and Moss 2 for a total of 51 years- I worked in the mines for 2 years, and saw them bring Dad out on a Gurney with his left shoulder and his skull partially crushed..he lost his left eye but was back to work for Clinchfield Coal after about 2 years..but after this happened , and the Marine Recruiter came down from Roanoke in his Jeep..he was wearing his dress blues and that hooked me – joined up and served 2 tours of duty. Got the GI Bill and went to VPI – after graduation went to work with Caterpillar Tractor, got married to a sweet little blonde from Rose Hill, Virginia , and we had 3 youngsters and a few grand children…

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