Pastor’s Corner — November 18, 2022

Today’s message is from Pastor Pam Sutherland of the St. Paul United Methodist Church & Fort Gibson United Methodist Church.

THREE WEEKS AGO in my reflection I asked everyone to let me know what you are thankful for. I had hoped to have a long list of your “thanks-givings” to share in this week’s reflection. Unfortunately, I only got one response. One.

I’ve wondered what that says about us. Are we just that ungrateful for God’s blessings? Are we too busy to take a moment to think of what we are thankful for? Are we focused on everything that is wrong in our lives and the world rather than on God’s blessings? Perhaps it simply means no one reads this far into the newsletter, or at all.

So, for anyone who has read this far, here are some of the things I am thankful for. Perhaps you are thankful for some or all of these blessings also:

  • God’s blessing of life & loved ones (Thanks Connie for sharing this one)
  • My family – husband, children, grandchildren, siblings
  • Salvation and the promise of eternal life
  • The ability to have a relationship with the creator of the universe
  • Knowing that God is with me everyday
  • Prayer
  • Forgiveness (from God and others)
  • God’s Word that helps me to know Him, His character, His love, mercy, and grace.
  • God’s Word that helps me know what He expects of me and reminds me of the things I need to work on
  • God’s strength in days of trouble and difficulty
  • The comfort of the Holy Spirit when I feel overwhelmed
  • My friends
  • My church families
  • Moments of joy
  • God’s peace in the midst of turmoil
  • The beauty of creation
  • Music that energizes my spirit
  • Music that calms my soul
  • That God heals brokenness
  • That God sees my heart and loves me anyway

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

[1 Thessalonians 5:18]

May this Thanksgiving Day be a reminder of all God’s blessings in your life

Grace and peace,

Pastor Pam

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