49 Winchester – Making Music and Making Their Mark!

The Clinch Valley Times does not endorse anything unless it is of substantial worth. And substantial worth is what the group 49 Winchester is all about. They are true to their roots. We are proud of them – individually as well as collectively.

The group’s newest music C/D “Fortune Favors the Bold” is on sale now (see links). Give them a listen. We did, and we LIKE what we heard. You will, too 🙂

Crank it up now, get your copy on vinyl / CD & shop merch at 49winchester.com or the links below 📀

All Platforms: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsFA

49 Shop: https://49winchester.shop

New West Records: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsID/new-west-records

Amazon: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsID/amazonmusic

Apple Music: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsID/applemusic

Spotify: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsID/spotify

Pandora: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsID/pandora

Tidal: http://newwst.com/fortunefavorsID/tidal

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