Wise County Sheriff’s Office Continues to Seek Suspect

From Wise County Sheriff, Grant Kilgore November 26, 2021

As the 5-year anniversary of the murder of Janina Jefferson approaches we continue to remember her and the impact her death has had on her family, friends, and community.


The search continues for the suspect, Eric Jones, as we still receive information on possible locations of his whereabouts. The Sheriff’s Office along with the United States Marshall’s Service have received and followed up on tips from all corners of the United States, along with the countries of Mexico and Canada. This murder has been broadcast throughout the nation and other countries thanks to programs like Crime Watch Daily, and In Pursuit with John Walsh. Janina suffered an untimely death and we seek justice for her family.

We are asking if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Eric Jones please contact the Wise County Sheriff’s Office, or the
US Marshall Service.


Janina Jefferson was Eric Jones’ ex-wife. They were in the process of divorcing and on the day the divorce was final Eric had gone to the town of Appalachia’s Water Plant, where Mrs. Jefferson worked. They allegedly had a domestic dispute in which Eric assaulted Mrs. Jefferson. Eric was charged with Domestic Assault and Battery and Strangulation on Mrs. Jefferson.

The first of November (2016) information was received that Eric had allegedly made threats to shoot or burn Janina along with comments that he was not going back to prison. This prompted an Emergency Protective Order to be issued followed by a Preliminary Protective Order. Evidence indicates that on 11/27/16-Eric Jones received a ride to the Appalachia Water Plant area where he waited on Janina Jefferson. Janina was not there upon his arrival, and it is believed that he waited in the shadows for her. When she arrived back at the plant just a few minutes after he had been dropped off, evidence leads us to believe that he ambushed her and shot her multiple times as she was exiting her vehicle.


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