Dante Rescue Squad Seeks Members

Dante Rescue Squad taking applications for volunteer membership...

Dante Rescue Squad is one of the few all-volunteer agencies remaining. The past two years have taken a toll on the Squad’s membership. With all the dangers involved with Covid, some members decided to take a leave from the squad’s activities. Also, there have been some who had to step away to additional employment to meet the rising costs of practically all products and the cost of raising a family.

There is a category of membership for everyone. To join, you must be a minimum of sixteen years of age. It does not matter how old you are above the age of sixteen, the squad can find something for you to do. Obviously, the main purpose of the squad is to take care of the sick and injured. To do this, the squad has to have drivers and EMTs. Other people can help on calls if they want. The squad always need helpers to lift and assist our EMTs.

To care for patients and drive, a person must have training. The Squad will help pay for training. The only stipulation is that a person has to finish the training and agree to stay with the squad for a certain amount of time.

Emergency Medical Service can be the first step in a career. The squad has had several people that have gone on to be doctors, nurses, career EMTs/paramedics and educators.

If you are interested, you may visit one of the squad buildings, or call 276-762-5844 or email the squad at danterescuesquadinc@gmail.com.

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