Ervinton High School Class of 1971 to hold 50-Year Reunion

The following message was sent to the Clinch Valley Times by Greg Powers. If you know a member of the Ervinton High School classes of 1970, 1971, and 1972, please share this information with them.

Dear Classmates:

This is a note to remind everyone that the 1971 class of Ervinton High School Rebels is hosting our 50-year reunion on Saturday, September 4th, between 2-6 pm at the new Ridgeview High School . . . AND we are extending an invitation to all 1970 and 1972 classmates to join us.

If you are definitely planning on attending, PLEASE contact either me ( or 706-994-5939 voice/text), or Debbie ( or via her cell 276-708-5679 or home 276-644-4415) to verify.  It really is critical to confirm so we know the exact count (capacity) we are expecting.  If you are one of the many who has already responded – THANK YOU.  Also, please indicate whether you are mailing a check (made payable to Debbie Mullins, 18626 Musick Drive, Bristol, VA 24202), or will be paying at the door.  Please do this no later than August 25th.

With this gathering, there are concerns regarding our safety.  As you all probably already know, the Delta variant of the COVID virus is having an impact on all of us, and at our age, it is essential that we take the current pandemic into consideration.  While the school cafeteria has more than adequate ventilation and plenty of room for social distancing, as necessary, there is also an outside patio available for those wishing to dine “al fresco”.  All we ask is that you take the necessary precautions that you feel are safe for you and your family, but since Dickenson County has mandated masks for teachers and students, we will have masks available at the event.

Stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 4th.

Please share this information with any of our 1970, 1971, and 1972 classmates . . . and bring your yearbooks, pictures, and any EHS memorabilia you may have.


NOTE: All photos included with this article are from the Lonesome Pine Regional Library’s digital yearbook collection. The collection may be viewed on the library’s website along with a wealth of other archival & research information.

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