Home Town Hardware in St. Paul – Now In Living Color

IF YOU PREFER TO SHOP LOCALLY (as I do), you’ll be glad to know Home Town Hardware now carries custom-mixed paint in almost any color you can imagine. This paint is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. That means if there’s some paint is left over after you refresh your kitchen, you can use it to paint your doghouse – that’s double the value for one price.

Choose the perfect colors to beautify and refresh your home.

Proprietor Steve Austin took a calculated risk when he opened Home Town Hardware. He was 50 years of age and the idea of “reinventing” himself at that point in his life was somewhat daunting. Thanks to encouragement and support from friends and family, he took the plunge. The St. Paul community is a better place to live thanks to people like him.

Steve spent 23 years at St. Paul Builders and is now in his fourth year in his own store. He and staffers Jerry Barnette and Jerry Culbertson know the hardware business. If you have a knotty home repair problem that requires an unusual solution, they’re the people you should talk to. Home Town Hardware is well-stocked with items most commonly used by the weekend plumber, electrician, and home-handyman.

(Below) Custom colors are created by adding various pigments to neutral base paint.

(Below) Additional colors to choose from….

(Below) Plenty of base paint in stock…

(Below) Plumbing supplies and electrical components in this aisle. What do you need?

(Below) Paintbrushes, solvents, pipe insulation – what else do you see in this aisle?

(Below) Take a look down this aisle – do you see something you need? I do 🙂

(Below) Your heating/cooling system will perform better and last longer if you change filters regularly. Steve keeps a supply of filters in stock.

(Below) Steve with long-term customer & friend, Terry Boone of Perfect Air – a local HVAC company.

The CVT only covers businesses and entities that offer a substantial benefit to our community. I shop at Home Town Hardware, both for my home and for the CVT office. Based upon my experience, I am happy to recommend Home Town Hardware to you.

They are there for us. Let’s be there for them.

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