Virginia Launches Cannabis FAQ Website

The state administration has launched, a resource for Virginians to keep updated on changes and deadlines for Virginia’s new cannabis law going into effect July 1.

The website addresses large picture questions, like “What does Virginia’s law do to promote social equity?” and “How does Virginia’s law protect public health?” From license preferences and loan programs for social equity applicants, to sealing past marijuana-related criminal records, Virginia’s cannabis law promotes criminal justice reform and creates equitable opportunities for communities that have been disproportionately affected by marijuana criminalization to participate in and benefit from legalization.

As for public health, the website points to the Cannabis Public Health Advisory Council that is tasked with providing regulators with health expertise, educating the public, and allocating resources to alleviate substance abuse and promote public health.

Viewers can also find information on medical cannabis, adult-use, commercial sales, and home cultivation as well as clear descriptions of legal versus illegal activity related to cannabis.

Because the exact provisions of the law may change during the 2022 session, Virginia’s cannabis resource page allows viewers to subscribe to an email list that will send out updates to the program as they become available.

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