CHOOSE to get VACCINATED – a message from the Virginia Dept. of Health

Protect yourself, your family, your community, and help end the pandemic.


(1) COVID-19 vaccines do NOT use live virus and cannot give someone COVID-19

(2) Vaccines may help keep you and the people around you from getting infected with COVID-19.

(3) When entire communities get vaccinated, wear masks, social distance, avoid large gatherings, and wash their hands we’ll have the best chance of ending the pandemic.

The vaccines available for COVID-19 have been proven safe and effective, are authorized by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are being made and distributed safely and securely. If you have questions, contact your local health department at 276-328-8000.


  • June 5, 11a – 2p; Clinch River Days, St. Paul, VA
  • June 7, 12p – 4p; Dollar General Store, Big Stone Gap, VA
  • June 8, 10a – 12p; Appalachia Towers Apts., Appalachia, VA
  • June 8, 2p – 4p; Ridgeview Apartments, Appalachia, VA
  • June 9, 10p – 2p; Best Friend Festival, Norton, VA
  • June 10, 9:30ap – 11:30a; Old Pound Town Hall, Pound, VA
  • June 11, 4p – 6:30p- Wadlow Gap Ruritan BINGO, Weber City, VA
  • June 15; 10a – 2p; Wise County Dept. Social Services
  • June 17, 4p – 7p; Big Stone Gap Farmers Market, Big Stone Gap, VA
  • June 21, 12p – 4p; Dollar General, Nickelsville, VA
  • June 22, 4p – 6p; Norton Farmers Market, Norton, VA
  • June 23, 9a – 12p; Fairview Community Center, Fairview, VA
  • June 24, 12p – 4p; Rye Cove Fire Department, Rye Cove, VA
  • June 25, 3p-6p; Priceless Foods, Weber City, VA
  • June 26, 8a – 12p; Oak Grove Church, Big Stone Gap, VA
  • June 29, 12p – 4p; Dollar General, Rose Hill, VA

To search all upcoming COVID vaccine clinics, please click here and search by your zip code.

To search for health department and pharmacy clinics, please visit


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