Remembering the Royal Rangers of the St. Paul Assembly of God

FROM THE CVT ARCHIVES — Though the photos of the St. Paul Assembly of God’s Royal Rangers you see here are not dated, we can assume they were taken in the 1970’s. Pictured at left in the photo below is the late Rev. Jack Carnley, who served as minister of the St. Paul Assembly of God for many years.

Were you were a Royal Ranger, or one of the group’s adult leaders? If so, leave a comment on this page and let us know 🙂

Pictured above, the St. Paul Assembly of God, Christmas 1973

In 1962, the Assemblies of God organized the Royal Rangers youth group which is still in operation today. All information below is found on the group’s web page and is Copyright ©2020, The National Office of Royal Rangers.

THE SEVEN EXPERIENCES — (1) Connect with a community of Christ-like men. (2) Do fun things together. (3) Grow in Christ-like manhood. (4) Learn in interactive ways. (5) Belong to something big. (6) Lead yourself and others. (7) Serve God, your family, church, and community.

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