May, 1978 – Castlewood Elementary 7th Grade Students’ Field Trip

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On Monday, May 8, 1978 at 5:30 a.m., the Seventh-Grade Class of Castlewood Elementary School boarded two Yellow Coach Lines buses for a week-long field trip of unforgettable events.

The special folio shown here was commissioned by the school, and prepared and printed by the Clinch Valley Times. Like most larger jobs, a copy was kept for reference purposes in case additional copies were ordered. When we were sorting and organizing material in the office, we found this copy and knew it was something those long-ago seventh-graders and their families would enjoy seeing once more.

School field trips have provided educational enrichment for local students over the years. Were you one of the fortunate students who participated in the one we’re presenting today? If so, leave a comment 🙂

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  1. Hey guys this is John Hall. I planned this trip along with all the students, teacher Francis Johnson, Margaret Selfe and Elijah Robinson. Look above and scroll from side to side to.see who else went and who. Let’s talk a poll:How many students still have the souvenir book.

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