St. Paul High School Prom, 1973

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FORTY-SEVEN YEARS AND MANY MOONS AGO…the St. Paul High School activities building was the scene of the 1973 Senior Prom.  The pictures of that special event you see here will be a fond memory for some of our readers.  Show them to your children and grandchildren so they can revisit “Life in the Seventies.”

NimoFilm_1733 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1734 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1735 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1736 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1738 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1739 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1740 SPHS Prom 1973, Sammy PriceNimoFilm_1741 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1742 SPHS Prom 1973, Robert Stewart, Angela Lewis, Billy SalyersNimoFilm_1743 SPHS Prom 1973NimoFilm_1745 SPHS Prom 1973

4 thoughts on “St. Paul High School Prom, 1973

  1. Thank you Jerry for sharing. I was there and remember this prom well. So many of those shown are no longer with us. Good times in the 70’s.

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