Christmas at Dante – 1989

© Jerry F. Couch

THE YEAR 1989 HAD BEEN TOUGH in Southwest Virginia.  In April of that year, miners employed by Pittston had gone on strike because of the company’s continued refusal to negotiate a new labor contract.  An agreement was finally reached at the end of the year.

During a prolonged strick, the entire community felt the economic pinch when miners weren’t working.  Other unions, recognizing the need for solidarity, sent loads of food and gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas distribution to UMWA members.

Despite the stalemate between the union and the Pittston, Dante’s traditional Christmas celebration continued without interruption.  On a very cold and snowy day, gifts and treats were distributed to youngsters at the old bank building in Dante’s downtown area. 

At that time these photos were taken, the old bank building had not yet been renovated as the Dante Coal Mining and Railroad Museum.  The lady standing in front of the building in the fourth picture is Elaine Steele.  She was the organizer of the event, which was funded by Clinchfield.  Elaine’s family told me she loved making this special day a reality – and it shows.

Were you there to take part in this celebration of Christmas thirty years ago? 

NimoFilm_6844 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6845 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6846 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6847 Dante Christmas treat distribution - Elaine SteeleNimoFilm_6848 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6849 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6850 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6851 Dante Christmas treat distribution - Elaine SteeleNimoFilm_6852 Dante Christmas treat distribution - Elaine SteeleNimoFilm_6854 Dante Christmas treat distribution - Elaine SteeleNimoFilm_6855 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6856 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6857 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6858 Dante Christmas treat distributionNimoFilm_6859 Dante Christmas treat distribution

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