Now it can be told – it was the OK Cafe!

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of Sugar Hill Brewing Company, Inc.  For some “then vs. now” contrast, I included a photo of a long-gone St. Paul “beer joint,” purposely omitting the name of the business.  A number of people responded with various guesses as to its identity – something that is always fun to do.

The pictures of the OK Cafe shown here date from the summer of 1971.  The place was neat as a pin and I’m 100% sure the hamburgers and hot dogs made in that tiny kitchen were great.

Today, the service department of Mogan McClure Ford is located where the OK Cafe once stood.

NOTE:  A follow-up to this article will be featured soon.  It will connect the story of the OK Cafe to the larger history of the Western Front.  Watch for it. 

June 3, 1971 (2) OK CafeJune 3, 1971 (3) OK CafeJune 3, 1971 (40) OK CafeJune 3, 1971 (41) OK CafeJune 3, 1971 (42) OK Cafe



3 thoughts on “Now it can be told – it was the OK Cafe!

  1. Jerry, Is that Gene Sullivan in the last photo of the OK Cafe article?? I would love to have a copy or if you could e-mail to me. He is my granddad!!

  2. Jerry, thank you so much for posting this. It does bring back very emotional memories of a great place and time in my life. I had graduated from the US Navy Boot Camp in September of that year and returned to Trammel for my first “leave”. I took my mom and dad (Boone & Jean Powers) out for lunch . . . on money that I had earned! We went to the OK Café; and yes, the hamburgers were GREAT! We later spent most of that Saturday afternoon shopping in St. Paul . . . ending up buying groceries at the Piggly Wiggly before heading back to Trammel. I wish time were that simple and wonderful now. Thanks, again, for posting.

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