APEX 2019

The photos you will see below were taken during St. Joseph’s University’s APEX 2019 in the St. Paul – Castlewood area.  The program began on March 9th and concluded on March 16th. when the students returned to Philadelphia, PA.

Among other projects, students from SJU’s special education and autism studies programs met with members of Wise County’s special education faculty to observe the county’s program and exchange ideas.  They also performed maintenance at the homes of St. Paul residents, the library, the Vencil Learning Center, and several other places.

Greg Bailey used his 6-seater ATV to take the students on a tour of Spearhead Trails.  This project required two days for completion and was one of the high points of the students’ visit.

Fireman Travis Stanley of the St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department demonstrated St. Paul’s brand new Engine 88.  Travis also explained what firefighters can expect when answering a call for help. 

Cayden and Carter Dishman performed for the APEX students three evenings after dinner – to the delight of all.  Pictures of the good fellowship and dancing are among those in the collage below.

We are thankful for everything the students did for us and appreciate the local folks whose sincere efforts to welcome them were representative of SWVA hospitality at its finest.  Special thanks to Castlewood High School Principal Lila Jenkins for providing lodging for the students at the school during their stay.   Special thanks to individuals and organizations who provided meals for the students – because our food is one of the ways we show our LOVE.

NOTE:  To view a short film about APEX, click this link or copy and paste it into your browser:  https://www.facebook.com/apexmovie/

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