The Meaning of “Mint Condition”

© Jerry F. Couch

The Crooked Road Cruisers’ most recent meet was held at Pizza Hut in Castlewood on the evening of September 5thA number of fine vehicles were on display for visitors to see and enjoy. 

The vehicle we’re showcasing today is an early 1950’s Chevrolet “Advance-Design” pickup owned by Crooked Road Cruisers’ member, David Glass.  This custom creation combines orignal body components of both a 1951 and a 1953 truck while maintaining a handsome modified stock appearance.  The truck’s drivetrain and mechanical components have been upgraded for reliability, safety, handling, and performance.  Glistening green paint and a comfortable, understated interior complete the truck’s Cinderella transformation.


We’re 100% certain the truck’s original owner would be amazed if he could see it now.  However, he would be even more amazed if he could DRIVE it.  One touch of the accelerator pedal and he’d know there is far more oomph available than what was provided by the truck’s original 92 hp, 216 cu. in. in-line 6-cylinder engine. 

NOTE:  The Crooked Road Cruisers welcome visitors and new members.  Club members are friendly, enthusiastic folks who love cars.   The club’s next meet will be Thursday, October 18th from 5 pm to 9 pm at Fat Boy’s restaurant in St. Paul.  Stop by and take a look.



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