More Vintage Glass-Plate Negatives

© Jerry F. Couch

This week the Clinch Valley Times processed a second batch of vintage glass-plate negatives which chronicle life in Washington County, Virginia in the early 20th century.  If you liked the first batch, you’ll love the photos shown here. 

We are particularly interested in confirming the identity and locations of the houses, churches, and schools that appear in the photos.  If you can help, please add a comment in the space provided below.

Unusual for their day are the subjects’ candid poses.  These poses take away the stiffness so common in photography of that period.  We almost feel as if we’ve stepped back in time and are looking over the photographer’s shoulder.  The pictures also provide important clues concerning the subjects’ social and economic status, as well as their personalities.

To protect the privacy of the negatives’ owner, we have not disclosed his identity.  Please click on any photo below to see a larger version.




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