Thank You Frank Dean…

A half-century of volunteerism…amazing.

On Thursday, September 13th. the Clinch Valley Times’ 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Frank Dean, a 46-year veteran of the St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department and its longest-serving member.  The presentation took place in the public meeting room of the St. Paul Town Hall. 

A group of supporters were on hand to congratuate Frank and offer a “thank you” for all the good things he has done and continues to do for our community.  An unsung hero, Frank has also served on the local rescue squad, coached Little League, assisted with high school sports events, been active in church activities, the list goes on.   

In recognition of his many years of service to others, Frank received a commemorative plaque along with a dozen ivory roses.  A collage of Clinch Valley Times photos illustrating “The Life and Times of Frank Dean” was on display, refreshments were served, and “a good time was had by all.”  

Note:  The Clinch Valley Times extends its thanks to Glenda Lane for her help in making this event possible.





4 thoughts on “Thank You Frank Dean…

  1. Thank you Frankie for all you have done with the Volunteering of your time and talent. We do appreciate it. (Emmett and Mary Margaret)

  2. Frank we’ve known u many years, Cecil and David would be very proud of you…. Not sure if u known but I lost David 2 years ago and our son 5 years ago… My life will never be the same just wanted to let you know they would be very proud of you …. Take care and congratulations …. Sue Hall

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