Dante High School Yearbook, 1938

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In celebration of the Dante Reunion, which is coming up this Saturday, August 11th, I decided to share the complete 1938 Dante Central High School yearbook with you.  The original yearbook was loaned to me several years ago and I jumped at the chance to scan it and add it to my St. Paul Heritage Collection.


After bottoming out in 1932, the country’s economy slowly, slowly recovered from the economic effects of the Great Depression – until 1938, that is.  In that year, the economy dipped once more.  Period articles from national magazines provided tips concerning how to economize and “make do” during the harder times.

Dante’s young people appear to be carefree in the photos you see here…but they weren’t.  Period correspondence reveals their concern about dark clouds of war in Europe.  In just a few years, many of these young people would be called by their country to become members of “The Greatest Generation.”  Post-war, they shaped an era in which baby-boomers attained unprecedented prosperity. 

Dante Central Graduation, May 21, 1938 

Where would WE be without THEM?

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