Happy 70th Birthday to “The Turner Building” in St. Paul

© Jerry F. Couch

It’s known as Sugar Hill Brewing Company today but when it was built by W. A. Turner in 1948, it was “The Turner Building.”  During its long life it has been home to a number of St. Paul Businesses:  Clinch River Motor Sales (a Studebaker dealership), The New Hardware and Furniture Company, Yolande Foundations (a lingerie manufacturing company), Johnson’s Ben Franklin, a surplus grocery store, Phillips Auto Parts, and now Sugar Hill Brewing Company. 

For a number of years, the Clinch Valley Times was located in the building’s  basement.  Today, that space is occupied by Sampson’s Gym.  

This is a well-constructed building and with good care, it should live to see another 70 years.  Many people have passed through the building’s doors and many more will do so in the future.  It’s more than brick, mortar, and wood – it is part of our lives.


Turner Bulding 1948


This newspaper clipping from the April 11, 1948 edition of the Kingsport Times-News lists origianl occupants of “The Turner Building.”

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