Participants in the CHS “After School” program visit the St. Paul Railroad Museum

by Jerry Couch

Last Tuesday, students from Castlewood High School’s “After School” program stopped by the St. Paul Railroad Museum for a visit.  The primary topic of discussion was local industries of the past, including the Clinch River Lumber Company, the Clinch Valley Lumber Company, the Clinch River Extract Company, the St. Paul Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Rockwell Manufacturing, and other companies that have disappeared into the mists of time.

04-17-2018 Railroad Visit 11 (2)

Other topics of discussion included local myths and legends as well as the stillborn town of Minneapolis, Virginia.  The students looked at storyboards containing old photos which helped illustrate points in our discussion.  They also enjoyed the nature photography of Therese Molinary Fields which is currently on display.

04-17-2018 Railroad Visit 4 (1)
Jerry Couch discusses local history with the “After School” students of CHS.

Students examine some of the Railroad Museum displays.

I believe the children are our future


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