Bob Salyers – Candidate for the St. Paul VA Town Council

AS SOME OF YOU ALREADY KNOW, I am a candidate for the Town Council of St. Paul, Virginia in the November 2023 election. As a life-long resident of St. Paul, I want our community to continue to be as good a place for our young people as it was for me, my wife, my mother (the late Charlean Salyers), my siblings, and my children.

St. Paul’s children need recreational, educational, and employment opportunities to help achieve their potential – and remain in this community if they choose to do so. St. Paul has a future, and it can be a good future – but only if we all work together to make it happen.

For 48 years, I have taken an active role in the Clinch River Little League. During that time, I have met many of you – and your children and grandchildren as well. Being part of this program has been and still is one of my proudest achievements. What children learn in Little League builds character and continues to influence their lives for years to come.

I am a retired employee of what was formerly the N & W Railway (it will always be N & W to me), and I am a proud member of the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen. I began my career as a railroad man in 1966, the same year my wife, Mary and I moved to South St. Paul.

If elected, I will be the first resident of the South St. Paul community to serve on the St. Paul Town Council. I will do my best to act in the best interests all of St. Paul residents. Regardless of whether I win or lose, I’ll still be your friend when the election is over. That won’t change. And I’ll always be a supporter of my home, the Town of St. Paul, Virginia.


This announcement was paid for by the candidate, Bob Salyers.

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