Pastor’s Corner – September 23, 2022

Today’s message is from Pastor Pam Sutherland of the St. Paul United Methodist Church & Fort Gibson United Methodist Church.

I woke up this morning well before the sun had broken through the foggy mist that signals fall’s return. The scene out the window was gray and dreary. I wanted to stay in bed awhile longer but a song in my head was repeating… 

“I wouldn’t be so weary if you’d let me sleep. Besides, I am home. Warm and comfy in my bed, now be quiet,” I tried telling myself. My mind, well it had a mind of its own and it wouldn’t let me be.

So, coffee in one hand, Bible in the other I sat down in my chair to wake up and face a new day. Am I weary? Sure. Who isn’t these days? Meetings. Deadlines. Appointments. Commitments. So much to get done.

They say, “home is where the heart is.” If I have given my heart (i.e., my life) to the Lord, then home is with Him. Perhaps the song was telling me that in my busyness I had strayed a little too far from home. Maybe I am weary because I have been trying to accomplish everything in my own strength rather than in His strength. 

Was it a coincidence that when I opened my Bible this verse jumped out?

“He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power. Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who hope in the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and become weary.” Is. 40:29-31

If you’re a bit weary today, I pray you will spend some time with the Lord and find some strength to keep on going.

Grace and Peace.

Pastor Pam

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