List of Bills Vetoed by Gov. Youngkin – 2022 Legislative Session

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  • HB 573 Statute of limitations; collection of medical debt.
  • HB 669 Swimming pools & water recreational facilities; study to determine whether VDH should regulate.
  • HB 670 Independent policing auditor; county manager plan of government.
  • HB 675 Health insurance; tobacco surcharge.
  • HB 802 Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; enforcement by localities.
  • HB 820 Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; disparity study.
  • HB 1004 Two-Year College Transfer Grant, etc.; eligibility, removes registry for Selective Service.
  • HB 1197 Secretariat agency responsibilities; Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • HB 1270 SNAP benefits; waiver to allow inmates of correctional facilities to apply prior to release.
  • HB 1298 High school student-athletes; compensation for name, image, or likeness.
  • SB 250 Nonhazardous solid waste management facilities; increases the annual fees.
  • SB 271 Insurance; discrimination based on status as living organ donor prohibited.
  • SB 278 Parking of vehicles; electric vehicle charging spots, civil penalties.
  • SB 280 Electric utilities, certain; local reliability data provided to a locality upon request.
  • SB 286 Historic districts; required disclosure for buyer to beware, due diligence.
  • SB 288 Income tax, state and corporate; deductions for business interest.
  • SB 297 Health care providers; stay of debt collection activities, prohibited practice.
  • SB 311 Real property; duty to disclose ownership interest and lis pendens.
  • SB 347 Electric utilities; SCC to establish for certain utilities annual energy efficiency savings targets.
  • SB 389 Support of parents by child; repeal provision.
  • SB 393 Consumer Data Protection Act; data deletion request.
  • SB 422 Health insurance; tobacco surcharge.
  • SB 464 Witnesses; summons in a criminal matter, requirements.
  • SB 655 Unemployment compensation; electronic submission of information.
  • SB 706 Heavy trucks, etc.; operation in certain weather conditions.
  • SB 722 Improper parking; prohibits, in Planning Dist. 8, parking of vehicle with wheels fully on curb, etc.

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