Obituary for LeRoy Nathaniel Hilton III


Born December 13, 1948 —– Died July 26, 2021

DEPARTED THIS LIFE, LeRoy Nathaniel Hilton III on July 26, 2021 in the 72nd year of his age.  Known to his friends and family as “Tripper,” he was the son of the late LeRoy N. Hilton, Jr. and Arlie May Hilton.  His paternal grandparents were LeRoy N. Hilton, Sr. and Hannah J. Hilton. Maternal grandparents were Arlie R. Combs and Dana K. Combs. Beloved family members who predeceased Tripper include his aunts Wilma Hilton and June Hilton; uncles Shelby E. Hilton, Sr. and wife, Bonnie; and Chadwick B. Hilton, Sr.

Tripper is survived by one sister, Melonie Hilton Edwards; a nephew Nathan A. Edwards and wife Katie B. Edwards; great-niece Julie; great-nephews Samuel and Vincent; an aunt, Kate J. Hilton; cousins Shelby E. Hilton, Jr. and wife Sandy; Chadwick B. Hilton, Jr. and wife Jane; Lynn Hilton Conyers and husband Scott.  Tripper is also survived by a host of friends.

Though medically described as developmentally disabled, we believe Tripper was developmentally enabled.  He was a sweet child who grew into a sweet, caring man who never learned the meaning of hate. A loving soul, Tripper always put others first. As a teenager and young man, he learned to assemble bicycles for his aunt and uncle at the Western Auto store in St. Paul – something he enjoyed very much.

Tripper also enjoyed being his daddy’s caddy when he played golf.  He became a talented fisherman who loved to fish with his daddy and friends Jack Kiser and Lincoln Puckett. He enjoyed sharing the bounty of his catch with friends and neighbors all over town. Tripper took pleasure in talking to friends he would see while out delivering fish, apples, and tomatoes.

After moving to North Carolina, Tripper asked about his friends in St. Paul every day.   He was blessed to grow up in a town where everyone looked out for him and loved him. We are thankful to the staff of Crystal Coast Hospice House in Newport, NC where Tripper was loved and received excellent care.

Combs-Hess Funeral Service of Lebanon, Virginia is in charge of arrangements which are incomplete at this time.

6 thoughts on “Obituary for LeRoy Nathaniel Hilton III

  1. As he was everyone’s, Tripper was my friend! I loved to visit Arlie Mae so I could play with Tripper! He was indeed a wonderful sole. He will be well received in his heavenly home! Such a beautiful piece written in the Clinch Valley times in his honor! Bless you Melonie in this hard time.❤️

  2. He always had that sweet smile. Mom and Dad are awaiting your arrival to your heavenly home. Miss all of you. Catch a lot of fish Tripper🙏

  3. I never knew a sweeter, more loving soul. Leroy, Arlie May, and Tripper were my neighbors when we all lived in the apartments above Lay’s hardware, where I was born.. He was one of my first little friends and I cherished knowing him. Rest peacefully with Mommy and Daddy by your side again, Tripper. 💔🙏

  4. The sweetest cousin of all. Tripper was always happy to see his family and show you his Star Trek collection. Our son, Paul enjoyed conversation with him every time we visited. Rest peacefully, Tripp.

  5. This is sad news. I have such fond memories of Tripper, Leroy and Arlie Mae. They were dear friends to my family as well as the St. Paul community. The Hiltons have left a wonderful legacy in our town!

    CVT, Thank you.

    Monty & Theresa Salyer

  6. Tripper, Melonie, Lynn, Shelby Jr, and I were an inseparable undefeated tribe who roamed from Mamaw’s house to Kinney cave and Hall’s pond and far beyond! We were rambunctious and sometimes at odds – all of us but Tripper. He was the peacemaker – the one who made sure that at the end of whatever wild ride we’d taken, we were all still laughing, and hugging – he was the essence of peace and love. We were all better for his being our brother, cousin.

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