CSX Santa Train 2002


By Jerry F. Couch

Sometimes those who turn out to see the CSX Santa Train have the advantage of good weather. Sometimes they don’t. On November 23, 2002, the weather was good and those who greeted the train during its stop in St. Paul had a fine time.

The Santa Train’s special helper for 2002 was country music artist Patty Loveless. That year, she and her husband Emory Gordy, Jr. co-wrote a popular song about the train. It appeared on Loveless’ album “Bluegrass & White Snow, A Mountain Christmas,” released in October of 2002 on Epic Records. Here is the opening verse of “Santa Train” *

It’s Christmas time and I can’t wait
Mama hurry don’t be late
Let’s go down to the railroad tracks
Santa Train is coming back

Pictured above, Pete and Robin Burton, along with their children Maegen and Morgan eagerly await the arrival of the Santa Train.

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