Florence Jordan Retires After 55 Years As a Professional Hairdresser

FIFTY-FIVE YEARS IS A LONG TIME to do anything.  But….that’s how long Florence Verno Jordan has been a professional hairdresser.  Last week she concluded her very long run by hanging up her scissors, putting away the curlers, and closing her well-known shop, the Klip & Kurl.


From the Clinch Valley Times, 1965.

In the Beatles’ classic song, “Penny Lane,” there is a line about “…a barber showing photographs of every head he’s had the pleasure to know.”  If Florence had a photograph of every customer whose hair she has cut and styled over the years, the walls of her shop couldn’t have held all of them.  Take a moment to imagine those pictures – and the range of fashionable styles that came and went over the years. 


Florence’s Professional License – Dated July 7, 1965

During the 60’s and 70’s, when “big hair” was popular, Florence was the queen of the back-comb.  With some wizardry and a can of professional-strength hairspray, she could make a Mexican hairless look like a Pomeranian.  I’ve seen it happen! 


Tools of the Trade 

Many Klip & Kurl customers remained loyal to Florence until the end of their lives.  In some cases, she styled their hair one last time so they would look as they did in life for their friends and family.  She did this for my mother, which was something I appreciated very much.  Florence probably did this for one of your family members, too.


How many people have sat in this chair?

When asked for her secret for remaining in business so many years, Florence replied, “I watched my finances carefully, and I worked whether I felt like it or not.”  Good advice for any independent businessperson.

I was Florence’s customer for over 20 years – even during the time I lived in Richmond.  She cut my hair on Saturdays when I’d come home to Castlewood.  Some might think the job of cutting my hair would have become easier over time because there’s now less of it to cut.  However, I suspect it was even MORE difficult.  Picture trying to trim a boxwood hedge in a way that conceals the bare spots.

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU for being a part of St. Paul life on Broad Street for all those years, Florence.  May you enjoy your well-earned retirement to the fullest extent!

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  1. I am one of Florence‘s oldest customers Living in Cincinnati Ohio I would drive 300 miles to get my haircut of course my friends would always ask me why and I would always answer yes it’s a 5 Hour Drive but the haircut was free and of course it’s always good to be in Saint Paul through the years visiting family And friends Florence I hope you have a good retirement and look forward to spending more time with you and Joe and I love you very much

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