CSX Santa Train – Its 76th Year

WHAT’S A LITTLE (OR A LOT) OF RAIN when it’s time for the Santa Train?  This morning, an orderly and enthusiastic crowd was waiting for the first glimpse of those immaculate blue and yellow CSX engines as they slowly rounded the curve above the A. R. Matthew Park in St. Paul.

As usual, a CSX ground crew was on hand to make sure everyone had a safe, memorable, close-up and personal train experience.  For added safety, local law enforcement and EMT personnel were also present. 

Under bobbing umbrellas, children of all ages got to see a long line of beautifully-restored rail passenger coaches – something they will always remember.  Amid excitement and laughter, gifts and candy were distributed.  And then the train was once again on its way to its next stop.

A magical day in St. Paul – a town that owes its existence to trains. 

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Remembering the FIRST Santa Train

——76 Years Ago——

From the Kingsport Times, November 22, 1943


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