St. Paul Troop 226 Celebrates Veterans Day

St. Paul Cub Pack 226 and Scout Troop 226 observed Veterans Day on Saturday, November 9th with a Flag Retirement Ceremony at their camp on the IDA property in St. Paul.

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Members of Pack 226 in attendance were:  (L to R) Kensley Young, Conner Worley, Mason Bradley, Clayton Luther, Isabella Deel, and Josie Stutzman  
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Pictured in this photo are Leaders and Members of St. Paul Scout Troop 226 and their guests Front row (L to R) Haley Dorton, Kelly Whited of Troop 250 Kingsport, TN. St. Paul Scouts; Jacee Josey, Josh Melson, Daniel Sexton, and Billy Deel. Back row (L to R) Jimmy Kimberlin of Scout Troop 394  Jonesville, Dawn Deel, Michael Bradley, Jimmy Kimberlin (United States Veteran) of Scout Troop 394 Jonesville, Anthony Deel, Joseph Whited (United States Veteran) of Scout Troop 250 Kingsport, TN, and Nikki Kimberlin of Scout Troop 394 Jonesville. 

The Flag Retirement Ceremony began with the playing of the National Anthem.  Next, the Scouts of Troop 226 led everyone in a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and explained what the stars, stripes, and colors of the flag stand for.

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When a Flag has been soiled, tarnished or has become tattered through years of use it is respectfully destroyed by burning.

Pieces of the Flags to be retired were handed out to be placed them in the fire by those in attendance.

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In the final step a single scout places the field of blue and stars into the fire and the Scouts and Leaders salute.

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Members of Scout Troop 226 are pictured here with other Honored Veterans.  Pictured (L to R) Front Row:  Jacee Josey, Josh Melson, Daniel Sexton, and Billy Deel.  Back row: Dawn Deel, Michael Bradley, Randle Pain, Joseph Whited (United States Veteran), David Coleman (United States Veteran), and Anthony Deel.

Below are more scenes from Saturday afternoon.

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Earlier in the day Pack and Troop 226 members  received Rank and Achievement Awards. Those receiving recognition were:

Bobcat Badge:  Aiden Moore, Carson Rose, Brody Hamilton, Josie Stutzman, Conner Worley, Sophie Cathey, Bella Deel, Easton Buffalow, Payton Townes, Jimmy Crawford, Connor Boone, Keaton Peake, Braelyn Phillips, Mason Wright, Cory Langley, Drake Meade, Braiden Holbrook and Jackson Holbrook.

Tiger, Jungle Adventure:  Easton Buffalow, Braelyn Phillips Mason Wright, and Cory Langley.

Lions, Animal Kingdom Adventure:  Richard Funk, Grayson Harvey, Asher Miller, Nathaniel Laney, Kensley Young, Brantley Hughes, Greyson Phillips, and David Langley.

Beat the Drum Adventure:  Aiden Ward, Brody Hamilton, Josie Stutzman, Bella Deel, Braiden Holbrook, Connor Boone.

Call of the Wild Adventure, Council Fire Adventure, and Cyber Chip:  Mason Bradley, Clayton Luther, Conner Worley, Sophia Cathey, Drake Meade, Noah Harvey, Jimmy Crawford, Keaton Peake, Carson Rose.

Lions Honor Adventure:  Richard Funk, Grayson Harvey, Asher Miller, Nathaniel Laney, Kensley Young, Brantley Hughes, Greyson Phillips and David Langley.

Games Tigers Play Adventure:  Easton Buffalow, Mason Wright, Cory Langley, and Braelyn Phillips.

Cyber Chip Emblem: Easton Buffalow, Mason Wright, Braiden Holbrook, Jackson Holbrook, Cory Langley, Braelyn Phillips

Stronger Faster Higher Adventure:  James Funk. 




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  1. Our scouts done a great job ,keeping the fire burning from Friday till sunday ! Doing another Ceremony in St Paul tomorrow with the veterans!

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