2019 Russell County Fair – Fun & Flair!

THE RUSSELL COUNTY FAIR has come and gone so you’ll have to wait an entire year for another one.  Pictured below are some of the fair events and those who came out to see them. 

Friday is traditionally ‘School Day’ at the Russell County Fair. All students were admitted free until 3pm.  As you can see from the pictures, the young people had a great time.

The Midway, with it’s colorful collection of rides, games, and food vendors was a fun way for a family to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon.

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Ole McDonald’ Farm, founded by Beecher Burke Jessee, Jr. and S. A. Fraley, Jr.  was, as always, a crowd favorite.

IMG_7637 - CopyIMG_7639 - Copy

Children of all ages got the chance to photograph, pet, and, in some cases, feed the animals.

IMG_7627 - CopyIMG_7629 - CopyIMG_7641 - CopyIMG_7643 - CopyIMG_7645 - CopyIMG_7678 - CopyIMG_7670 - CopyIMG_7646 - CopyIMG_7651 - CopyIMG_7653 - CopyIMG_7665 - CopyIMG_7668 - Copy

A  new, favorite attraction, for visitors in recent years is the Reptile Exhibit. This years collection featured a  7.5 foot long, 35 pound, Burmese Python (pictured below).  Along with other snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions, turtles, and an African Spurred Tortoise.

IMG_7682 - CopyIMG_7683 - CopyIMG_7684 - CopyIMG_7687 - CopyIMG_7690 - CopyIMG_7697 - CopyIMG_7717 - CopyIMG_7727 - CopyMost of the animals in this exhibit were rescued from the pet trade, others were recovered from families who could no-longer care for them. They are now cared for at a sanctuary.

The Home Economic, Agriculture, and Art Pavilion housed a wide variety of items. Pictured below are some of the winners.

IMG_7734 - CopyIMG_7735 - CopyIMG_7736 - CopyIMG_7739 - CopyIMG_7742 - CopyIMG_7744 - CopyIMG_7746 - CopyIMG_7747 - CopyIMG_7758 - CopyIMG_7759 - CopyIMG_7761 - Copy

The Commercial Building featured the General Store, Commercial booths, Craft vendors, and an Antique Wagon.

IMG_7770 - CopyIMG_7771 - CopyIMG_7777 - CopyIMG_7784 - CopyIMG_7789 - CopyIMG_7785 - Copy

On display outside the Commercial Building was this cornmeal grinding machine which grinds corn into flour for baking.

IMG_7807 - CopyIMG_7808 - Copy

Saturday featured the Antique Tractor Parade and Pull as well as the Horse Show.

The kids tractor race  got the festivities going as these future farmers learn to maneuver their machines.

IMG_7846 - CopyIMG_7848 - CopyThis 1952 John Deere G tractor, owned by Triple A  Farm of Castlewood/ Lebanon, is still in use today as are many of the tractors that competed in Saturday’s events.

IMG_7859 - Copy

Below are some of the other antique work horses.

IMG_7894 - CopyIMG_7867 - CopyIMG_7870 - CopyIMG_7865 - CopyIMG_7863 - CopyIMG_7861 - CopyIMG_7860 - CopyIMG_7872 - Copy

The ‘Blind Driver’ race pictured below challenges a teams communication skills and ability to work togetherIMG_7897 - Copy

In the Tractor Dash the “Formula 1” style start displays a drivers quickness and the tractors speed.IMG_7879 - CopyIMG_7891 - Copy

Fans gathered early in front of the stage Saturday evening to hear Gene Watson perform

IMG_7901 - Copy

Two competitors guide the horses in the pole race

IMG_7908 - CopyIMG_7910 - Copy

Our thanks to all the volunteers whose efforts made the fair possible!






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