The Rebirth of Russell Street

In January of 2019, replacement of existing water supply lines, storm drains, and sewer lines on Russell Street began on a bright, sunny day in front of the St. Paul Town Hall.  With engineering design and project oversight by Mattern & Craig Inc., and labor by Estes Brothers Construction, below-ground infrastructure improvements got underway with the removal of aging lines.  Removal was followed by replacement with larger lines of modern 21st-century materials. 

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This group of six photos taken between March 27th and May 6th of 2019 shows completion of the initial repairs and the beginning of sidewalk reconstruction.

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This final group of photos taken between July 24 and August 12, 2019 shows work crews milling and removing existing pavement.  New base material was then added and the roadbed was graded in preparation for the base layer of asphalt.

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Excavation in front of the St. Paul Town Hall reveals Russell Street’s original level.  Geographically,  this was and is the low point in the downtown area.  It is both soft and damp, requiring a special built-up fill and underlay to ensure a stable base for pavement.

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As the street project took shape, these construction workers paused for a CVT photo documenting their contribution to St. Paul’s history.

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The base layer of asphalt you see here will soon be ready to receive a top coat.  Afterwards, new parking spaces will be marked, grass will be planted between the sidewalk and street curbing, and additional street lighting will be installed.  Russell Street will present a fine appearance, far different from its earliest days when wagons sank into its muddy depths and saloons were scattered along its length.

Russell Street 'teens


Russell Street early 1950s

A glimpse of the past.

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