St. Paul Municipal Pool Makes a Splash

IF YOU HAVEN’T VISITED THE ST. PAUL MUNICIPAL POOL LATELY, you should do so.  During the spring months, many repairs and upgrades were made.  Some of these improvements are readily visible to visitors, some are not.

The interior of the pool has received a bright new anti-fungal coating that will make it easier to keep clean.  Also, a new skimming system constantly filters the water.  The manner in which the pool is chlorinated has also been revised, and chemical levels are checked each day before the pool opens.

A new and important feature at the pool is the hydraulically-operated lift chair.  This chair allows people with mobility issues to enter and exit the water with greater safety and convenience.


The intermediate pool has been reconfigured and is now entered via a gently sloping concrete ramp –  perfect for the shorter legs of our Citizens of Tomorrow.  The green fixture in the pool is a “water umbrella.”  Actually, it’s a very practical water filter.  Water is pumped through the top where it falls like rain upon delighted small fry splashing beneath it.  Why didn’t someone think of this when WE were young?


Within the pool building, dressing rooms, toilets, and showers have been completely renovated.  New HVAC, plumbing, and fixtures were installed along with new floor coating, partitions, and fresh paint.  Every surface has been renewed and is now clean and fresh.

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The St. Paul Municipal Pool is one of the town’s most popular recreational facilities.  Approximately 75 to 100 people use it each day.  On really hot days there are sometimes as many as 200 visitors during the pool’s hours of operation.

Those who visit the pool can also partake of goodies offered at the snack bar.  If you like hot dogs, theirs are among the best in town.


REMINDER:  The pool will be open all day at NO CHARGE during St. Paul’s very popular Independence Day Celebration on July 4th.







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