The Clinch Valley Times, Aug. 28, 1958

MEMORY LANE  —  This yellowed, fragile front page of the Clinch Valley Times dates from August 28, 1958 – almost 60 years ago.  At that time, the CVT was owned and published by the Bausell family of Lebanon, Virginia (they also published the Lebanon News).  At least two pieces of equipment from that time period remains in use at the Clinch Valley Times office today.  

When the newspaper shown here was printed, the Clinch Valley Times’ office and printing plant were located on the ground floor of the St. Paul Supply Building on Russell Street.  Today, the Clinch Valley Times office is located across the street from that building and 1/2 block from the paper’s original 1938 location behind the St. Paul Masonic Lodge.  Over the years, there have been three other downtown locations as well.  We get around.

NOTE:  Click on the picture for a larger view.

Clinch Valley Times, Aug. 28, 1958



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