Echoes of the Past — From the week of June 17, 1976

Last week we began the task of scanning approximately 40 years’ worth of Clinch Valley Times photographic negatives.  During those years, multiple rolls of 35mm film were shot each week, but only a small percentage of the photos actually made their way onto the printed page.  These photos cover a wide range of subjects, so you just might see a younger version of yourself or your family members in one of them.

The photos you’re looking at were taken during the week of June 17, 1976.  It was graduation time for the St. Paul High School “Class of 1975.”  Vacation Bible School at local churches was in full swing.  King Coal and the local economy were booming.  We were celebrating our nation’s bicentennial year.  It was a great time to be living in Southwest Virginia.

We decided not to caption the pictures so you can have fun identifying who & what you’re seeing, as well as the location of the photos.


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